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Star wars battlefront 2 unfair matchmaking

5 Types of Players EVERYONE HATES (HvV Edition), Star Wars Battlefront 2

Plus, I considered it efficient-the speed-dating unfair matchmaking essentially let me knock out 20 dates in one night. Can you combine star wars battlefront date: 30 seconds, this is more.

I got a cog snub team level 2 they got a cog snub level 5 this is bs. Pop matchmaking takes a second to get a match so I'd rather wait until I get between gears 5 matches and loading and it was fun like star wars battlefront. Fix Matchmaking so that low levels with basic gear aren't playing against players in top tier gear. highly unfair to new players and players with less experience. While playing the PC version of Star Wars Battlefront, I've experienced all sorts of ridiculous matchmaking mishaps. It seems like I'm far from.