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Dating bamboo fly rod

The Rod

Spilt cane fly rods made by my friend & master rod maker Christian Strixner. Each creation is truly a work of art, not only beautiful but beautifully. Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods – E Main St, Blue Ridge, Georgia – rated based on 41 reviews "The rod building experience was one of the most Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods. Outdoor and sporting goods company in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

The researchers did get a surprise, however, dating bamboo fly rod they analyzed a million-year-old concretion associated with Pennsylvanian Age coal seams in Illinois.

That could mean that we are seeing oleanane being produced by the ancestors of the angiosperms.

A lot of your production rod makers tried to save money by using cheaper components and less numbers of line guides on their lower end rods so they could offer them at a cheaper price and still hold up their profit margins. For instance As I'm sure you know all Grangers were basically the same taper they only differed in ferrule size and components when determining the difference in their highest end rod The Registered and their dimestore models the Lake and Stream Heddon also did this with the exception of the actual cane used in their 35' and 50's.

After the refinish, rewrap, and going from 9 line guides to 13 this rod is a solid 5 weight and is just fine with a 6WF. It is now my keep it in the truck all the time rod This allows me to fish the same feel and quality as my model 50 without the risk of falling and breaking a highly collectable piece of Bamboo history.

Now that being said I would NEVER change the configuration on a higher end collectable ; Heck i would never trust my skills to any of my high end rods he heDave I hope some of this helps,

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A fishing rod stronger than war’s dark legacy

The guiding plan here was to try and obtain two rods from each of the major manufacturers, and this page represents the progress to date! The rods in this. Another one of my grandfather's cane rods. This one is much easier and I'm just seeing if some HI experts can give me some concrete thoughts.