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Craigslist dating funny


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Craigslist dating funny

The folks behind these funny Craigslist ads are here to provide you with opportunities such as killer deals on vehicles or appliances, complete with their incredibly awkward and inappropriate backstories. Not in the market to make a purchase, you say? No problem, for Craigslist sellers have also been generous enough to put forth invitations to a variety of experiences bizarre enough to guarantee at least one or two good party stories that’ll serve you for decades to come.

Nevertheless, young people should be somewhat concerned about the trend towards efficiency in sex and dating.

The best part is, the OP was only looking for friendship because she saw a cool license plate. Then all of a sudden a desperate nerd guy jumps on what might be​. A list of bizarre and hilarious real Craigslist ads on the internet. Is this someone thinking their quirkiness will get them a date? I've seen a lot.